Reuters • Study highlights high absenteeism in French public sector

07 mars 2014 • l'équipe de la Fondation iFRAP

Jeudi 6 mars, l'agence Reuters reprenait la dernière étude de la Fondation iFRAP sur les 30 premières communes de France et l'absentéisme des agents communaux.

A report by civil society think tank iFRAP found that local public workers in cities of over 100,000 residents, excluding Paris, missed nearly a month of work on average per year on top of holidays - over double the rate in the private sector.

The study calculated public servants in 25 cities missed work an average of 26 days per year, or 12 percent of total work days. That figure included temporary or long-term illness, work accidents, maternity and paternity leave and unexplained absences.

The highest figures were in the southern city of Montpellier, with an average 39 days of absence, followed by Grenoble and Strasbourg in the east, at 35 and 32 days each.

By contrast, the average equivalent absentee rate at five major companies surveyed by iFRAP - Air Liquide, BNP Paribas, Renault, Bouygues and ADP - was just 4 percent.

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