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19 mai 2008 • l'équipe de la Fondation iFRAP

Syndicats - French unions hit streets in usual spring strike rite

Agnès Verdier-Molinié a été citée dans le Wall Street Journal Europe daté du vendredi 16 mai 2008 dans un article intitulé "French unions hit streets in usual spring strike rite" qui a fait la Une du quotidien à propos des syndicats français et de leur attitude de blocage des réformes dans de nombreux domaines.

« However, the French public so far hasn't rallied to the side of the unions. That is largely because unions have lost touch with most of the French public. In France, unions that once drew vast membership from state-owned companies have seen their ranks thinned as privatization has taken hold. Agnes Verdier, vice president of the French policy think tank Ifrap, estimates that around 7% of French workers are still unionized. Many of those members are among the oldest segment in the work force. "This is a very bad sign for the health of French unions," she added. »

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